Time is limitless

Time is limitless, we are the one who put limits on time. You will hear this daily “I don’t have time for this, I don’t have time for that..” and this, my friends we are talking about daily life situations. Daily life situations like, eating a healthy food, exercise, cooking, spending time with loved ones, learning a new skill, booking a dentist appointment, let alone traveling (because travelling is a luxury….so they say).

This leads me to tell you a story how I booked my first overseas trip after 20 years of not traveling. I was tossing between Hawaii, India and Bali.
November 2016. I went to Bali – Indonesia. I landed in Denpasar airport mid morning. My heart was calling for this experience. I felt mesmerised with all the Balinese greetings and smiles. I felt excited beyond words.
There was a feeling flooding through my body and I remember myself thinking “If I die tomorrow, I am ready.” Don’t worry I know you might think “that’s bit intense”. It comes from long years of conforming to other peoples expectations, regulations, rules and all in between. See to this point, I have been living life of a single mum since I was 23 and working full time in high demanding role. I used to think doing anything outside of this two things was almost like a sin. Positive part in this journey is I learned how to handle stress first hand, heal, move on and grow. I made tons of mistakes and you don’t have to. I actually don’t want you to, learn from mine and start living your empowered life.

I have made decisions before, although this one felt so much closer to my heart. It felt like first decision that is solely based just on me, who I was and what I wanted.

Sharing my excitement with people about my trip and that it’s my first trip after long time, I had to listen to all the horrible stories people were warning me what could happened. Also, sharing that I was traveling solo, people were horrified. So, this was an interesting experiment as it showed me how much people live in fear and with so little excitement or empowerment.
So, If I let this affect me I would have never made a trip and I would have never experienced this powerful willpower that comes with following up and making it happened.

Bali welcomed me with an open heart.
Week in Bali has thought me so much about me, who I was, what I was made of and what is it that is so important to me. I feel when we make bold decision without listening to outside noise we bring out who we really are.

Now, I have been there 4 times since 2016. And I have also visited few other countries since then. See, small steps brings you closer to your goals and desires.

I would like to invite you to listen to that voice on back of your head and take a step.

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