Words of gratitude

Hello to everyone who reads my words of gratitude 

Just want to share my experience with coaching with Jasmine. Jasmine has helped me to find my way out of anxiety, stress and low self esteem. I feel I’m becoming the best version of me every day. This has saved my marriage and have a positive impact in facing every day challenges in my life and my family life.

My name is Kristine, married, mother of 1. As I enter the world of marriage, having my own family, I went through a lot. I know it’s not easy as what I was thinking to face big responsibilities especially when there is a child. Yes, we are happy, but that’s not the way it is! It’s not only about happiness but I have to learn on how to deal and manage the hardest situations. I was married at 20 and gave birth at 22. When we had my son, as time goes by, I had a lot of insecurities to face. My self confidence became so low, and I had anxiety. I went to the doctor and also psychiatrist, it didn’t change or helped me at all. Also, doctor prescribed me a sleeping pills because I couldn’t sleep. I started with pills and side effects started to show, headache and can’t get up for 3 days. We all know that as a mother, we have to be strong. I wanted to be there for my child and my husband. How can I be that if we I can’t help even help myself first. I couldn’t find inner strength and inner peace to move forward. 

Until one day, I started to follow Jasmine’s sharing and her approach to life. I am lucky that I have met Jasmine. I followed her on Facebook so I can watch her lives.  I felt I can really trust this woman. I don’t open problems even to my closest friends because I am afraid of judgements. I reached out to Jasmine and shared what was on my mind and struggles of daily life situations. I feel blessed I did this, it changed the way I think, my way of handling my family situations and my personal living. I am beyond grateful that our paths’s crossed.
Jasmine is big part of my growth and creation of the
best version of me. I learned that I can do more, I can shine on my brightest and still shine on my darkest. She thought me to handle the worst what has been showing up in my life for many years. I have learned what is FORGIVENESS and how it relates to HAPPINESS.

Thank you for helping me in my marriage. Anger  and blaming is been part of it and I’m proud to say it’s not any more. Everything I learned through Jasmine’s  coaching is been effective. It’s not only me who noticed it, my husband too. He noticed the changes in me and himself.  We both using books recommendations and this helping us a lot too. I have lots to say, to make it short, this woman is big part of my journey, boosting my self confidence and keeping me on track with my goals. I can’t imagine myself before, I was full of fears and anger.

Thank you for letting me learn, observe and explore, giving me chances to see myself and the things that I am good at, keep believing in myself that I can do more.  I was broken when I reached out to you, now I’m a new woman. I found a person who can fully understand me without explaining and judging. This made me more motivated. Yes I can make my dreams happen. Someone is believing in me, so am I too. 

Sometimes we think that what we are doing and thinking is enough. Feeling like we are in a closed jar, suffocating feeling that we believe that’s all there is. When you find someone to open the lid of that jar, we discover how far we can go, how exciting life is despite the challenges and how colorful the world can be. 

Jasmine, Thank you! I will keep your words and all the things you thought me for the rest of my life. I will spread the positive vibes and share what I learned. 

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